Panini Electric Grill Machine

Product Code: PEGM-67892
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Power: 2000W Voltage: 220V Grill Size: 29cm X 23cm Weight: 3.4Kg Bakeware Type: Wave Plate Non-Stick Material: PTFE Material: Stainless Steel, Anti Stick Material Function: Combine sandwich, grill, panini, grill and other functions Dismountable Oil Collector, Non-Stick Cooking Surface Features: - Make steak at home without complicated tools - Easy to make non-stick coating - Easy to clean - Not only can make steaks, sausages, skewers, sandwiches, etc. - Power indicator and thermostat LED indicator can prevent the fuse from overheating - Adjustable thermostat control and hinges adapting to the height of grilled products - Plates are detachable, non-stick and easy to clean. - Compact storage, lightweight and convenient to use outside!

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