Eye Wash Care

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Cooling Version

Product Capacity - 500ml

Signature cooling sensation eye wash with clear and colorless solution refreshes tired eyes.

For the relief  of minor eyes irritations caused by dusty or smoky atmospheres, driving or close work. 

Easy squeeze up - Innovative cup design that able to wash with face-down position. Refreshes and soothes dry, tired and irritated eyes to provide long lasting comfort. Direction for Use: Step 1 : Pour Eye Wash to eyebath about 5ml or until the liquid surface reaches the indicator line on eyebath. Step 2 : After inclining your head, put eyebath on your eye and press it slowly until eyebath fits. Step 3 : Blink your eye while pressing eyebath gently, and let Rohto Eye Wash flow and cleanse your eye. Repeat for about 30 seconds. Do not worry about leakage or spilling out. Caution Consult a physician or pharmacist before use :- - Use eyebath for only one person and do not share with others. - Eye Wash can be used up to 3 months after the seal is opened. - Keep away from children. - Do not use Eye Wash when wearing contact lens.

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